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TCABR Scientific Research Program

The scientific research program in development on TCABR is composed of the following main lines of research:

  • Interaction of RF (RadioFrequency) electromagnetic waves in the Alfvén range with Tokamak plasmas

  • Physics of the SOL and Plasma Edge in Ohmic and Improved Confinement Regimes

  • Toroidal and Poloidal Plasma Rotation

  • Development of Diagnostics

  • Data Acquisition and Remote Control


Possibilities of investigation in the tokamak TCABR:

  • Application of Alfvén waves associated with reflectometry for plasma diagnostics.

  • Effect of the excited Alfvén wave spectrum on plasma peripheral transport and turbulence

  • Comparative studies of the antenna phasing on Alfvén wave absorption, in particular regarding resonant radial deposition profiles and minimization of plasma edge absorption and uncontrollable density rise

  • Influence of Alfvén waves on zonal flow generation

  • Study of improved regimes of energy confinement with biasing

  • Characterization of edge fluctuations and transport

  • Regimes of suppression and excitation of MHD activity

  • Measurement of edge and SOL plasma intermittency

  • Search for zonal flow and GAM

  • Measurement of time evolution and radial profile of plasma rotation

  • Methods of analysis in the study of transport in tokamaks

  • Investigation of turbulence-driven transport in tokamaks by considering the chaotic particle transport due to poloidal plasma flow and drift waves

  • Study of coupling between magnetic and electrostatic fluctuations to explain alterations on the turbulent-driven transport observed during high MHD activity, spontaneous or induced by electrode biasing, in

  • Development of advanced Thomson scattering system for TCABR

  • Data acquisition and remote control