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First Announcement

TCABRJE - Joint Experiment on TCABR - Host Laboratory Experiment
04th to 15Tth May 2009
Laboratory of Plasma Physics
Institute of Physics - University of São Paulo
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

The Laboratory of Plasma Physics of the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo is one of the laboratories participating in the Co-ordinating Research Project (CRP) on "Joint Research Using Small Tokamaks" of the IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency. The Joint Experiments (JE) are organized by the participant laboratories in co-operation with the IAEA. The next to be held on TCABR is the fourth one and follows previous events on CASTOR, Prague, Czech Republic in 2005, on T-10 in the Kurchatov Institute , Moscow, in 2006, and on ISTTOK in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2007. The main objectives of this activity is to enhance collaboration between research groups and laboratories, promoting experiments and creating synergies to effectively contribute to the development of fusion science.

Characteristics of the TCABR: major radius R = 0.61 m, minor radius a = 0.18 m, toroidal magnetic field BT = 1.07 T, maximum plasma current Ipmax = 100 kA, averaged maximum density electron density ne = 4.5 1019 m-3, maximum electron temperature Te = 500 eV, maximum ion temperature Ti = 200 eV, discharge duration 100 ms, duty cycle 0.17 10-3 (one discharge every 10 minutes).

The scientific research program in development on TCABR is composed of the following main lines of research:

  • Interaction of RF (RadioFrequency) electromagnetic waves in the Alfvén range with Tokamak plasmas

  • Physics of the SOL and Plasma Edge in Ohmic and Improved Confinement Regimes

  • Toroidal and Poloidal Plasma Rotation

  • Development of Diagnostics

  • Data Acquisition and Remote Control

For these studies the following equipments and diagnostics are available:

  • Alfvén wave excitation system upgraded recently, composed of a RF generator in the range of frequencies between 3 MHz and 5 MHz, power of 200 kW, feeding two antennas separated toroidally by180 degrees with independent phasing, allowing a better definition of the spectra of excited modes in the plasma.

  • Biasing system for getting improved confinement, composed of an movable electrode, fed by a power supply capable of applying to the edge plasma electrical polarization of duration of 0 - 60 ms, rise and decay times of 10 µs - 10 ms, voltages of ±600 V, and maximum current of 150 A

  • Diagnostics

  1. Electromagnetic diagnostics
  2. Microwave interferometer, 150 GHz
  3. ECE radiometer
  4. Spectrometer for plasma rotation measurements
  5. Electrostatic probes for measuring edge plasma density, floating potentials, electron temperature, phase shifts, etc.
  6. Multipin electrostatic probes
  7. Bolometer array with 24 detectors
  8. Mirnov coils: 2 sets of 22 coils displaced poloidally in two toroidal positions
  9. Soft x-rays array composed of 32 detectors
  10. Hard x-ray detector
  11. Hα array and tomography
  12. Thomson Scattering
  13. Reflectometer

Possibilities of investigation in the tokamak TCABR:

  • Application of Alfvén waves associated with reflectometry for plasma diagnostics.

  • Effect of the excited Alfvén wave spectrum on plasma peripheral transport and turbulence

  • Comparative studies of the antenna phasing on Alfvén wave absorption, in particular regarding resonant radial deposition profiles and minimization of plasma edge absorption and uncontrollable density rise

  • Influence of Alfvén waves on zonal flow generation

  • Study of improved regimes of energy confinement with biasing

  • Characterization of edge fluctuations and transport

  • Regimes of suppression and excitation of MHD activity

  • Measurement of edge and SOL plasma intermittency

  • Search for zonal flow and GAM

  • Measurement of time evolution and radial profile of plasma rotation

  • Methods of analysis in the study of transport in tokamaks

  • Investigation of turbulence-driven transport in tokamaks by considering the chaotic particle transport due to poloidal plasma flow and drift waves

  • Study of coupling between magnetic and electrostatic fluctuations to explain alterations on the turbulent-driven transport observed during high MHD activity, spontaneous or induced by electrode biasing, in tokamaks

  • Development of advanced Thomson scattering system for TCABR

  • Data acquisition and remote control

Participants may propose experiments on other topics not listed above which will be considered after the pre registration. It is expected that five experiments including the respective data analysis can be performed during the JE. If necessary, they can be continued after the JE by remote collaboration. The output of the JE activity should be the publication of papers in indexed journals.


Financial Support

Partial financial support from RNF (Rede Nacional de Fusão - Brazil) and IAEA is available for participants from developing countries. Since the resources are limited, a selection, if necessary, will be made based on the pre-registration information.



Pre-registration and Financial support - February 28/2009

Award of Financial support - March 15/2009

Registration and Hotel reservation - April 10/2009

TCABR Joint Experiment - May 4-15/2009


Committees and Contacts

Chair of the Joint Experiment: Prof. Ivan Cunha Nascimento

Co-Chairs of Joint Experiment:
Prof. Ricardo M.O. Galvão
Dr. Gunter Mank (IAEA)
Dr. Artur L. Malaquias (IAEA)

CRP International Scientific Committee:
Dr. Mikhail Gryaznevich (Chair, Culham Laboratory, UK)
Prof. Guido Van Oost (Gent University, Belgium)
Dr. Edson Del Bosco (National Space Research Institute (INPE), Brazil)

IAEA Contact person:
Mr. Artur L. Malaquias
Plasma Physicist, NAPC Physics Section

Local Organising Committee

Chair: Prof. Ivan Cunha Nacimento (inascime@if.usp.br or icunhanascimento@gmail.com)

Prof. Artour Elfimov
Prof. Iberê Luiz Caldas
Dr. Yurii K. Kuznetsov
Prof. Munemasa Machida

Scientific Secretary: Dr. Wanderley Pires de Sá (pires@if.usp.br)

Prof. Aluísio Fagundes
Dr. Leonid Ruchko
Prof. Ruy Pepe da Silva

Contact information
Dr. Wanderley Pires de Sá
Instituto de Física da USP
Rua do Matão, Travessa R, 187
CEP 05508-090 Cidade Universitaria, São Paulo, SP
Email: pires@if.usp.br
Email (TCABRJE):tcabrje@if.usp.br

Administrative Secretary:
Eleonora V. D. Lo Duca

Key Persons:
Prof. Artour Elfimov
Dr. Leonid Ruchko
Prof. Ricardo M.O Galvão

Edge and SOL Physics:
Prof. Ivan Cunha Nascimento
Dr. Yurii K. Kuznetsov
Prof. Iberê Luiz Caldas
Dr. Zwinglio O. Guimarães-Filho

Plasma Rotation:
Prof. Ivan Cunha Nascimento
Dr. José H. F. Severo

Data Acquisition and Remote Control:
Prof. Aluísio Fagundes
Dr. André Neto (ISTTOK - Data Acquisition)
Prof. Horácio Fernandes (ISTTOK - Remote Control)
Dr. Wanderley Pires de Sá

Dr. Fábio Borges (Thomson)
Dr. José H. F. Severo (Spectroscopy)
Dr. Juan Iraburu Elizondo (Probes, Interferometry)
Dr. Leonid Ruchko (Reflectometry)
Dr. Luiz Ângelo Berni (Thomson)
Dr. Manuel Peres Alonso (ISTTOK - Thomson)
Prof. Munemasa Machida (Spectroscopy)
Dr. Omar Usuriaga (ECE)
Prof. Ruy Pepe da Silva (ECE)
Dr. Yurii K. Kuznetsov (Probes)
Dr. Wanderley Pires de Sá (Probes)

TCABR Machine Support:
Dr. Juan Iraburu Elizondo (Head)
Ablicio Pires dos Reis (Engineer, Reflectometry)
Edson Kenzo Sanada (Tokamak Operation)
Nelson A.M. Cuevas (Chief Engineer)
Tarsis Germano (Soft X-Ray, Bolometry)
Ivan Cardoso
Nélio Nunes
Rogério Eduardo Capucci


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